Thursday, October 2, 2008


Over the last weekend, we all attended a Quarter Horse Show. I have been going to shows since I was fourteen years old, but it is a whole other beast with the whole family in tow. It is wonderful to be able to share something that has meant so much to me over the years. This was to be Leah's 2nd Lead line, and Laura's first. I hadn't even told Laura that she was going to get to show, just in case we had difficulty getting our act together. Leah rode aboard our Horse, and Laura got to take a ride on "Walter", a special thanks to Heather and Jaiden for loaning us their gentle giant. He was such a good boy, and Laura was so excited to get to participate with Leah.
As they came out of my parents' car I thought Laura had injured herself. Turns out that it was a princess crown sticker, I should have known. She insisted on wearing it with her hat, quite a fashion statement, not to mention the belt hooked over her t-shirt.
Dad and Leah watching the show.
Joe got one of all of us. There is lots of waiting at any show you go to.
Getting ready for the big event.
The girls checking each other out.
I think they must be thinking, "Can you believe how cool this is?"

Got one with Joe, he was busy behind the camera most of the time.
Just two cowgirls reading a little afternoon story.

Taking a practice ride. That serious look on Leah's face is there the entire class, and I tell her it's okay to smile, but honestly if you see some pictures of me showing I look exactly the same.
Laura's turn to go for a ride, she really does quite well for a 3 year old. Sometimes she forgets to hold on to the reins, but that's why I have my own lead.

Me lounging Rider, he was a little too fresh for my liking. If he's going to be carrying one of my baby girls around, he has to behave.
So excited right before the class.

Giving Walter a pat.

Here we go!
Dad leading Leah.
Me leading Laura. She asked me, "When are they going to ask us to canter?" and I thought good Lord, I hope not anytime soon. I don't know if could run that fast. And the girls both came out of the arena with a Blue Ribbon....First Place! They were just too good, and the judge couldn't make a decision. I couldn't have had two happier girls. More effort than they would ever know goes into that 5 minute ride, but so worth it!
And after all that, I do get my turn. Even after all of these years I still love going to the shows. It's like a many reunion every time I go. Thanks to everyone that helped get us to this one, Dad with the truck & trailer, Mom for help with the girls, Ashely and office helping get a copy of my card, Heather & Jaiden for the extra horse, and Tony for helping break back into my trailer that malfunctioned, and most of all my wonderfully supportive husband. Even if he might not totally understand my horse obsession, he supports it as much as he can.

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Keeum said...

That is just too cool. Congratulations girls! And congratulation Amanda on pulling it all together. (I thought gathering things to travel to Disney was tough.)