Sunday, September 7, 2008

Why we live here.

I thought early Saturday, it might be nice to take the girls out to the beach for dinner and a early evening splash in the ocean. It really turned out to be a perfect night. You can see from the pictures what a beautiful evening it was. And there is nothing more relaxing than sitting a calm ocean watching your children play and have a wonderful time. It was so shallow where we were playing that I don't even think I had to utter the words "Be careful", which is very rare for me, especially at the beach and in the water. Here's hoping you had a great weekend too.

This is one from July of 2006, I love to look back at old pictures to see how the girls have changed. We are so blessed to live where we do, and it's when we make the time to go out on special evenings like these that remind us how fortunate we are.
We have tried to make it out to the beach each year and take family pictures. This one is from August of 2003.
Laura jumping over the waves.

The girls were having so much fun in the calm, shallow water. They would lay down and wait for the baby waves to come splash them.

I used a edited version of this picture for her first birthday cake.

No, we didn't let our girls spend the night at the beach. I'm not sure why this one looks like we were out there at midnight. It was hard to pick a time to leave since we were all enjoying it.

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Jen said...

I love all the pictures!!! Leah was such a cute little baby.
I agree, living here is quite beautiful!