Monday, September 15, 2008

Gone to the dogs.

One morning last week, just before Leah headed out to school, Joe was nice enough to start a song with Hunter. Once someone starts him howling, the whole family usually joins in and keeps him going. It really is funny. I think Hunter appreciates it, and I guess we're his pack.

I love raising the girls with our animals, and I think they can teach so much about life. The other night I was coming in from the barn, and the girls were in Leah's room. I heard Laura crying when I came in, and assumed there was a little fight or something. When I came in to ask what was going on, Joe explained that Laura had asked about Sylvester, his cat, and what had happened to him. He passed away just about the time Laura was born, and she has been told all about him, and we thought she understood and accepted that he had died. Well apparently when Joe told her that he died, she just started crying. She kept saying how sad that was, and why did he die. I do imagine that she was tired, right before bed, but also that she is maturing and maybe the thought of death isn't just limited to Disney stories anymore.

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