Friday, August 15, 2008

Leah's Kindergarten Orientation-Thursday

With much anticipation, we up and moving by 6:00 on Thursday, and our goal was to be ready to leave the house by 7:30. Don't get me wrong, our house is always awake early, anywhere from 6-7, but we are not moving very fast. So, eating breakfast right away is not the norm. Leah was VERY tired, and said she didn't think she could eat, and that she could barely keep her eyes open. I do think my child has a slight flair for the dramatic.

Joe took Laura over to my parents and then met Leah and me at her school. After listening to the administrators talk in the cafeteria we headed down the crowded hallways to meet her teacher, whose title this year will be Mrs. G.
The desks were all neatly arranged and we searched for her name and sat down. The teacher gave us all the details of what to expect this year, and the ins and outs of dropping off and picking up our children. Leah's eyes were scanning the room constantly, so many new things to take in. After Mrs. G was done, Leah and her friend Gavin headed over to the book corner. Leah has really excelled this summer in reading, and she even surprises me with what she can read. I'm sure it's going to be an exciting year.

Leah standing near the really nice open area in front of the school. It's so nice to have such land around a school, they have several picnic tables and gazebos in the front lawn, and they have at least 2 acres behind the school.

Inside the school entryway, in front of some really pretty murals.

The three of us...thanks Jen for this picture, it will be priceless.

Leah soaking it all in.
I almost wish I could go through this first year with her, I would sit very quietly by her side. I think the school wants parent involvement, but maybe not to that degree. It's so hard to believe all of the changes she will experience in big girl school.

Gavin & Leah, they are going to have so much fun this year.

Mrs. G with the kids.
Leah telling Dad all about her day.

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Jen said...

How sweet! I can't believe our oldest are both going into Kindergarten. I would have never dreamed they would end up in the same class... two years in a row (unplanned!) It must be meant for them to spend this year together.