Friday, July 25, 2008

Sweet Sisters, Hey it could happen!

One rainy day the girls wanted to play dress-up and Leah asked if she could wear her "Lavendar and Blue" costume from her recital. Why the heck not, I think the more use I can get out of that thing, the better! So Leah wore that one, and Laura got the other cosutme. They had a great time dancing around the room to some Disney music.

Leah has blossomed into quite the little reader. Joe reads to her every night, and she has picked it up. She's getting to the point now that our code of spelling out words we don't want the girls to know isn't going to work much longer. If we say it slow and loud enough, she can usually piece it together. I'm kicking myself for never learning pig latin.

She is really proud of her reading, and we are too.
On this night she was reading to all of us, and Laura sat contently next to her, listening to every word.
The video was too big for Blogger, so please check it out at Youtube...

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