Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Monday-Karate & Movie Night

For some reason Laura was obsessed with Karate on Monday. Out of nowhere she said she wanted to take Karate classes. I'm lucky enough to be friends with a very prominent instructor in the area, so I gave him a call. We get to attend a class this Saturday, but I don't think the weekly classes are going to fit in to these girls' busy schedules right now. Laura even suggested that I go get her robe, and it could be her Karate Jacket. Leah joined right in on the new Karate obsession.

Monday night was "Movie Night" in our house. After baths, the girls always want to see a movie, but there is never time before bed. So, after getting the idea from a "John & Kate +8" episode, I was inspired to do our own movie night. We finished dinner and baths early so the girls could watch an entire movie of their choosing. The agreed that "Alice in Wonderland" would be the movie for the night. I popped popcorn and filled little snack cups with m&m's, and gave them some Nestle chocolate milk, hey if we're going to do movie night, we're going to go all out! They watched the entire thing, enjoyed the snacks and were thrilled with the idea.

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