Monday, July 21, 2008

Sunday-Beaching it!

Joe had thought that it would be nice to hit the beach in the morning, and I agreed that would be the best plan. Sunday morning by 9:45 we were headed out with the kids. We spent two hours playing in the water, digging in the sand, and attempting sand castles. It was a green flag day, which means perfect water conditions. I don't think the girls have ever played in the water when it was so calm. They loved it, and could walk out about 30 feet and still touch. There were gentle waves rolling in that they could leap over, and Leah even figured out how to lift her feet and float when the water would raise. So much fun!
We were having too much fun to take pictures this time.

We had lunch at Firehouse on the way back home. We had a message waiting for us from my mom inviting us over for hamburgers, so that's what we did for dinner. After we ate, the girls wanted to take a bike ride around the block. We all strolled with them, as they pedalled, laughing all the way.

After one full time around, Laura wanted Grandaddy to push her, and of course he obliged. I agree it was a thoughtful act, but what made it all the much better is seeing him pushing her, while wearing his helmet. I just couldn't help it, and my politically incorrect observation that Dad looked like a "very special" guy, that needed to wear his helmet to walk. He then illustrated what that guy might really look like. I wish I was quick enough to snap that picture, it had mom and myself rolling with laughter. A great end to a perfect Summer weekend.

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