Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Courtney Kupets Invitational Gymnastics Meet in Savannah, GA

Leah's gymnastics events ended with a grand finale meet held in Savannah, GA.  All of us were looking forward to the trip and it was exciting for Leah to compete outside of our local area.  

Leah was in awe as we walked into the Savannah Civic Center, it was a much bigger venue than what she was used to competing in.  Even though she was a little shocked, you wouldn't have known it by watching her perform her routines.  
 Laura being the supportive sister.

After a brief check in with the coach, the parents were ushered off as the gymnasts took to the floor for warm-up.

The vault was her first event, which was probably good as it lets her run off some steam.

Last minute encouraging words from the Coach.
And showing respect with the Pledge of Allegiance.
Leah & Abby chatting during a break.
Meeting the judges for the vault. 

The Bars, one of her best events.

Warm up time on the beam.

Courtney Kuppets looking on, her whole family was at the event.  The father was selling sports medicine and publicizing their summer camps.
Warm up was over, time for the routine.

 I just loved seeing Leah's face light up with pride when she saw her beam score.

And then onto the floor, Leah says she loves this event the best, there isn't anything to fall off of.  Funny girl!

So excited getting her second place medal for the beam.

After a busy morning of competition, and a brief rest at the hotel, we headed out to experience the city of Savannah.
The girls in front of the Candy Kitchen.

The girls begged to take a carriage ride, and I was so glad we did.  What a relaxing way to see the city.  Being a life-long horse owner, I always study the horses before I will take a ride, and these horses looked very healthy.  They were just doing their job for the day.
Paula Deen's restaurant, Lady & Sons.  We saw it several times, but never stood in the lines to eat there, maybe next time.

The next day we drove out to Tybee Island to explore Ft. Pulaski.  It's fun and educational for the whole family and it was a perfect day to be outside.

My little Southern Belles were definitely just playing around when they put on all of this Union garb!
 A highlight of the visit to the Fort was the live firing of the cannons.
We all found a good viewing spot on top of the wall and waited for the action to start.
The troops marched in and after many maneuvers they were ready to fire.

As they readied the largest cannon, everyone covered their ears.
The girls looking off into distance.

After reviewing this picture, I'm thinking Leah might not be ready for military action.

The girls experiencing life behind bars, I don't think it was the place for Leah.

We were telling the girls to be careful walking out, that you wouldn't want to fall into the moat.  We really didn't expect anything to be in it, but lo and behold there was a good size alligator swimming around.

After our visit to Fort Pulaski, we stopped at Paula Deen's brother's restaurant, Bubba's.  We had a great lunch in a relaxing environment and then we drove just a little down the road to the Savannah Wildlife Refuge.

The enclosures attempted to present the animals in a more natural surrounding than your typical zoo. We had a great time on this self guided animal tour.

The wolves were just beautiful and we spent a long time just observing them.

Since it was nearing St. Patrick's Day, Savannah had turned all their fountains green, how fun!
We had a wonderful time in this charming old Southern city, and will surely return someday.

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