Monday, November 7, 2011

Soccer Season 2011

Laura had a fun soccer season, especially since her Daddy had the time to coach her team. The season starts in the heat of August, but by the end all the kids are dressing in layers to stay warm.

The big sisters found ways to stay entertained every Saturday.  Allegra & Leah very glad they had each other to play with while their little sisters kicked the soccer ball around.
 Too cool for school Laura!

 Go Eagles!

Another Saturday, and yet another layer added to fight off the morning chill.

 My little fashionista!
 Celebrating the end of a very fun Soccer season.
 Congratulations and a trophy for Coach Daddy.
 And and award for Joe too.
 For all those Saturdays at the field, Dad got to hold the trophy for a little while.
 My sweet little girls.

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