Friday, October 28, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

The big field trip for the 1st graders is to a local Pumpkin Patch at a church.  Laura was so excited 
 to kick off the day!

Joe helping the girls get ready for school, we've got a good system to get out the door on time.

Sisterly love!

It was a long wait for the busses to load up the kids.  They did whatever they could to occupy the time.  Good thing they are a creative bunch.  Laura with her classmate, Alyssa.
Rock, Paper, Scissors with Clara, Amelia & Laura.
The whole class ready to go pick out some pumpkins and have a morning of fun!
Cailey & Laura
 YEAH....The buses are here!!!!!
 It was a short ride across town to the Pumpkin Patch.

The Youth Pastor leads the groups, he's so full of spirit.  The kids can't help but be excited.

 Each table has a mascot animal, Laura was sitting at the pig table.

 They have fun activities around the grounds, like bowling.
 The church volunteers really get into it.
Laura trying her hand at Mini Golf.
 Laura & Clara
 Some of the girls waiting at the tattoo station.

 Bean Bag Toss
 Last, but not least, the hay ride. Once again the Church's Youth Pastor is at the wheel....CRAZY DRIVER!  You might want to take some Dramamine for this ride.

Chilling on the way back to school.  What a fun day!

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