Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Soccer Round-up

When our soccer season starts it's at the end of August, sweltering, but near the end it finally feels right for soccer.  In the middle of October & November those long wooly socks finally make sense. 

 One of the moms brought some spirit paint and hairspray for the team.  They played the first half without the extra color, and did pretty well.  Once they got the paint and went back out there they almost forgot how to play.  We decided no more paint!  

 Laura giving her Daddy & Coach a high five.  It's not always easy being the coach's kid, but they survived the season and I know it meant a lot to Laura to have him there.
Okay, read the type on the ball, how you can you not laugh at that?

Laura taking a break under her Grandaddy's umberella.  
  Leah relaxing with Grandmother.

 The team running through the parent tunnel at the end of the game.
 Laura striking a pose.
 Laura with one of her teammates, Jay.  He always kept everyone entertained.
 Go Eagles!

 We thought having a dragonfly land on your shoe had to be good luck.

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