Thursday, September 22, 2011

Rachel & Ava's Summer Visit, July 2011

At least twice a year we are so lucky to have my sister Rachel, and her daughter, Ava come visit us. July is one of those months, and we all love to have them here to help us enjoy the Summer! One of the requests while they are here is a visit to the barn. Ava has taken riding lessons part of the year, so she has quite an understanding of how to ride.
Laura sporting some funky cowgirl fashion, sparkly pink dress over pants, with her favorite square toe hot pink boots.
Three of a kind, and I don't if they could be any happier when they are playing together.
Ava on Rider.
Laura with the giggles on Dixie.

Son & Mother, what do you think they could possibly be telling each other as three crazy girls take turns riding them?

Rachel & Ava stayed in our little house, so it was easy to have sleepovers. That house is just the perfect place with all of it's sleeper couches.
Can you hear the giggles?

The night that Ava stayed at our house was followed by the very last ever launch of the Space Shuttle. We all were glued to the television as we watched the countdown to liftoff. What an amazing feeling, and so fun to share it with the girls.

There is still one more big post from their visit with us, my parents' 4th of July shindig!

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