Sunday, May 8, 2011

Easter with the Family

Our Easter Celebrations seemed to last the whole week long. Sunday morning the girls were excited to wake up to their baskets stuffed full with Easter treats.

After they spent a little time searching through their baskets, and eating a portion of their chocolate bunnies, we headed outside to dye some eggs. With a super busy week, and a trip to Mobile Saturday to see the Disney on Ice show, we had to do it last minute. The girls didn't seem to mind one bit, and they were happy to get creative with their eggs.
Of course someone had to draw an Owl on one of the eggs.
I put spoons in each cup of colored water, but using their hands seemed like a lot more fun. Their hands were just as colorful as the eggs, guess that's part of the experience.

All of the eggs the girls created.

Later in the day, we cleaned the girls up a little and headed over to my parents house for a grand Easter Egg Hunt and delicious lunch. The girls were oh so happy to see they had a second basket waiting for them at their house too.
And as usual there are big hugs for their Grandparents.
Girls armed with their baskets, ready to hunt!
Not exactly the best way to carry your basket, but points go to Leah for creativity.

After the hunt the girls talked my Mom into making muffins for the birds again. They collect twigs and berries and mix it with flour and water, and bake them in the oven. Laura was feeling a little expressive about the whole day.

Oh Leah, what did you do? I've seen that look a thousand times!

We had a beautiful time with the family, and once again feel so blessed to have the opportunity to make such lasting sweet memories.

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