Sunday, March 27, 2011

Laura's 6th Birthday "Day"

Friday, March 18th, we celebrated Laura's "real" Birthday, starting bright and early in the morning of course. Leah wanted her to open the present that she had for Laura first. Laura was thrilled with her new Webkinz Snowy Owl. Now when Leah goes on and on with her endless Owls of Ga'hooole games, she will have her very own Owl to play with.
She was just a little excited!

I think Leah might have earned the "Best Sister in the World" title that day.

Laura had mentioned in her list of gifts she might like a pink electric guitar, since I didn't come across one of those, I tried to come up with a close second. She loved her Tinkerbell Acoustic Guitar.

She more than happy to pose with her new guitar.

She kept showing me her best Taylor Swift move, she would strum the guitar and throw her hair back. She's rarely seen anything the real Taylor Swift has done, but she appeared on a Phineas & Ferb episode as herself one time, that's all it took to inspire Laura.

I had decorated her car window, what a fun surprise!

The whole family came to school to eat lunch with our sweet Birthday Girl.

What a wonderful day we had celebrating your happy life Laura, hope this year is the best yet!

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