Monday, January 31, 2011

Laura's Future Indianette Dance

One of our local high schools held a fundraiser for the dance team by hosting a dance clinic and then inviting the kids to participate in their parent show too. Leah wanted nothing to do with this, but Laura was all for it. I even tried to talk her out of it, thinking she may be overwhelmed or scared to do something totally new and in front of a whole gym full of strangers. But not Laura, she had no fear about the whole thing.
Giving the thumbs up at Friday's dance clinic.
Striking a pose. A couple of the dancers, known as Indianettes, helped each age group of children to learn a unique dance.

Laura with Dani, the daughter of a very good friend of ours, Rhonda, and actually the person responsible for introducing Joe & myself.

At the end of the practice each group got to run through their dance for the watching parents and other dancers. Not bad for less than two hours of learning and practicing a brand new dance.

Sunday afternoon we came back to the school, Laura was proud to wear her "Future Indianette" t-shirt.
Stretching with the girls on the stage before they practiced their dances.

Laura's little group.
She spotted all of us on the bleachers waiting anxiously to cheer her on.
Time to dance!

She was so precious, staring at the girls the entire time, making sure she caught every move.
I was so proud of her, she did this brand new dance in front of a packed gym, and smiled the whole time.

I think she liked the dance they got to do when the song said something about going crazy.

What an awesome experience, and I'm not sure what Laura will do with her life, but I think she might be happy doing it on a stage.

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