Sunday, November 7, 2010


After much debate in our little community it was finally declared that Sunday would be our official Trick or Treating night. Since it was officially Halloween Night, it made sense to me. Laura was thrilled to have another chance to wear her Tiana gown and get all dolled up.
They said I should dress up too, why not? I never really cared for Halloween as an adult until I had children, it gives the whole thing another meaning.
Joe kind of dressed up, he at least wore his Captain Jack hat.
We set off down the street under a beautiful sunset.
Laura reaching into one of the neighbor's inventions, he had several boxes the kids could choose from. The bigger boxes, also claimed to have snakes, but Laura knew better and reached right in for the big prize.
The girls' friend Ramon came with us again this year, and they had a great time running from house to house.

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