Tuesday, October 26, 2010

October Disney Trip- Day 4 Animal Kingdom

Our last day was spent at Animal Kingdom, I don't have as many pictures this time because I had forgot to charge my camera. The only thing I wish I had been able to capture was at the Lion King Show. Leah was chosen to perform the noise for our section of the theater, we were the giraffes. She was so brave and got in front of everyone in the place and made her noise proudly.

Joe & Laura striding happily to the tram.
On our way to Kilimanjaro Safari, we saw a bunch of animals. I guess they were out enjoying the cool morning weather just like us.

Everyone enjoyed the bird show, the girls were in awe of the beautiful creatures.
Laura loved the Bone yard playground, Leah decided when she was a tiny tot that she didn't like this place, and she has never changed her mind.

We finished up the day with plenty of time to relax back at our hotel, Coronado Springs. We made the hike around to the big pool.
The kids went down the slide more times than I could keep up with. They loved it!
They had a great playground too, and once the weather started cooling off we bribed them out of the pool with the promise of playing on land for a while. It was another great Disney Trip, filled with memories that we will treasure for years.

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