Sunday, October 31, 2010

Laura Cheers

One of our local high schools did a fundraiser last Friday for the cheerleaders where your child could cheer with their cheerleaders during the game for a small fee. I didn't have to ask Laura twice, she was all for it, Leah said it wasn't for her. So Leah went to her gymnastics' practice, and Laura and I headed to the stadium. Laura was bouncing off the walls excited, and she couldn't wait to get started. My childhood friend was one of the coaches, so I felt at ease with sending her off with the team. Here she is being lead by Dee Dee into the stadium.
She was in awe of the Indian, the team's mascot, but to her he was a real Indian.

After a short lesson teaching some of the cheers to the kids, it was game time.

Laura was so brave and went right out on the field with the cheerleaders to observe the Indian Prayer they do at mid-field for every game. After that they lined the opening for the football players to rush out. I wondered how she would feel about that, since the last time she was at a football game was at least a couple years ago and she had no idea what to expect, but she loved it all!

She comes by her fascination with this school honestly, this is her Aunt Lynn marching with the school's band in 1984-85. She's the blond majorette, and I know she would have been proud of her niece's school spirit.

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