Monday, October 4, 2010

Birthday, Slumber Party Style

Leah had gone to her friends' slumber party about a month ago, and that was all it took to put the idea into her head. She immediately changed her birthday party request to a sleepover. Joe & I chatted about and said sure, we'll give it a try!

We started off Leah's birthday by giving she and Laura the Unicorn Pillow Pets they had been asking for months.
Then Leah got her Persian Webkinz, also a must have!

Finished by the Webkinz Hamster, adding to her mountain of stuffed animals.
Laura chatting with Mom-Mom on the phone and thanking them for all of their gifts. I wonder if the girls will every really understand that both kids don't always get gifts on the other's birthday.

Later that day, the guests arrived for the sleepover. It ended up being 6 guests plus our 2, quite the gaggle of girls.
Dad was the chief swing pusher, and you could hear their squeals of glee from miles around as they were pushed higher and higher.
Hunter wondering what the heck was going on, and who were all these people???
Dinner is served, most of the party kids and my Mom.
Singing Happy Birthday
More exciting presents to open with friends.
Getting a little help.
All tucked and ready for the new Tinkerbell movie, they loved it!
The sleepover mattresses we brought over for the party stayed in the room for a couple of days, and the animals loved them!

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