Sunday, September 26, 2010

Miler Club

A couple of weeks ago our school kicked off this year's Miler Club. It's a program that encourages the kids to run/walk every Friday, and as they accumulate laps they can receive tokens for their necklaces. Families are also welcome to join their kids, so it's good exercise for the whole family. Laura had joined Leah last year, but she was super enthusiastic about having her very own class to do Miler Club with. She leaping for, really, look at the picture.
Setting off with my Dad on her first lap of the year.
Dad is the Pied Piper of Miler Club. Here he is with Laura & Ayden.
Getting her first lap marked off her card by Coach Debbie.
Following Laura's P.E., Dad met up with Leah for lunch. She has a great teacher this year that takes the kids outside for lunch as often as he can.
Leah's Miler Club, and once again Dad is surrounded by happy kids, Mandie, Leah & Kayla.

Getting her card checked, Lap 1 down!
Some very hot, but happy kids.
Goofy Faces!

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