Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Summertime with the cousins

We were thrilled to have a visit from my cousin Pam, her husband Rob & their sweet girls, Anna, Libby & Kate. Of course the first thing they all wanted to do, jump in the pool!
Anna's got her eye on you!
All the girls, minus Kate who was napping, having fun in the pool.

Laura...how many things can one girl have in the pool?

Cannonball was the word of the day!
Now, I don't know why they don't seem to get the cleaning bug in our real house, but for some reason they all wanted to make this little playhouse shine. They were scrubbing and mopping until the whole building was pristine.

As soon as all the big girls were done swimming Kate woke up and wanted her turn. Laura decided to take another splash and joined her cousin.


After a short break, it was time for Laura and to head to her friends' 5th birthday party. It was on the sound at one of our local Air Force Base's property. With all the oil in our area I wasn't sure of the water quality, but since the entrances to the Gulf have been boomed and the water appeared to be clean, I hoped for the best and let her play with all of her friends.

One more outfit change and it was time to meet up with the whole family for dinner. The restaurant's air conditioning was out, a very bad thing in Florida, but with all the windows open to the water there was a nice breeze keeping us cool.
Mom & Libby
Dad & Laura

Pam & Rob

Laura & Libby
All five sweet cousins
Big & Little girls

The whole family, what a wonderful visit!

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