Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Our Easter Day started before 7:00 A.M., it just wouldn't be right if we got to sleep in though. We're kind of used to the routine by now, and have cameras charged and ready to go as soon as the girls get up.
Baskets all ready...
It didn't take long for them to dig into the chocolate bunnies, they said they would only eat down to the neck, seemed like a good plan to me. I can't remember having much restraint when it came to a basket full of candy greeting me first thing in the morning when I was a kid.
Baskets empty, now what do we do with them?

A few more minutes spent exploring the basket's contents, then they wanted to head outside. The foggy, chilly weather didn't seem to deter them one bit. Laura has found a new way to enjoy the playground, on the high trapeze. Here she is showing Leah how to do it, step by step. First you climb up the side...
Carefully swing your leg out to the swing...
Then you maneuver your way right onto the swing...
And off you go, it's that easy!

When everything was ready, and Joe & I had cameras in hand, the girls went off on their egg hunt.

Hunter might be losing it a little, he found a nerf ball.
Sparkle Lily chilled in the chair, and tried to stay out of the way of the girls.

At lunchtime we headed over to my parents where the girls got a second basket filled with all kinds of goodies.
Oh...score, another Webkinz!
We brought my Mom some spring time flowers.

They loved their dresses, with bonus twirl factor.
We enjoyed a delicious lunch on the deck.
I saw a rainbow cake just after St. Patrick's Day, and I just had to try the recipe. Laura helped me decorate it with marshmallow bunnies.
I think Leah approved.
And then it was time for a second egg hunt.
Little girls, big girls.
You know she's on a serious egg hunting mission when her feet don't even touch the ground.
Checking each egg very carefully to see what they got, gold coins, real dollars, this was a really good egg hunt.
Love my Mom, she and my Dad taught me how have a Happy Easter, and it's such a joy to be able to carry on the traditions with my family.
The view from their backyard, what a great day!

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Natalie said...

How fun!!! I love the girls dresses. They look "yummy" and very springy! Where did you find them?? Too cute! Lucky little girls to have such great parents and grandparents! What an added bonus!