Thursday, April 15, 2010

Air Show

Last Saturday was the 75th Anniversary of our local base, and with all of the celebration came a giant Air Show. We decide to brave the massive crowds because the girls love having the chance to climb in and out of all of the planes and it's an amazing opportunity to see these planes so close and in action too.

The wait for the buses to the flight line took quite a while. Luckily the girls were being very good and entertained themselves playing with the rocks in the dirt, if only the adults were so easily occupied. There was plenty of grumbling over the long wait.

Once we made it to the Show, the girls went right to exploring. Here they are looking inside a bomb bay of one of the planes.
One of the Air Force soldiers explaining the plane to the kids.
We were in an All American mood.
Came to see the cool airplanes,

Of course blue snow cones are a welcomed bonus...

Even the clouds wanted to be part of the show.
This was a big deal, and the local news was right up front to film the action.
Did I mention big crowds and buses, well, the Base somehow dropped the ball on the parking aspect of this Show. We waited for quite a while with the crowd waiting for the very limited number of buses to take us back to the car, but as the crowd got angrier and it was clear we weren't going anywhere anytime soon, we decided to chang our plan. Joe and a co-worker ran almost 3 miles back to our cars and drove back to pick up the families. They got the harder end of that deal, but the kids started whining near the end of our long walk back to our rendezvous point. Somehow once we reached the pavilion where we were to meet-up they bounced back to their usual energetic selves!
We had a quick reprieve at home with a boost of energy from a Chick-fil-A dinner and then we were off to the gym for a kid's night out. They finally fell asleep about 10:30, having spent every ounce of energy.

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