Thursday, March 18, 2010

Laura's Birthday, let the parties begin!

Laura's Birthday is one day past St. Patrick's day, but this year she got to celebrate them both together. One of her classmates shares Laura's birthday, so we spread their parties over two days. Laura was already very excited about all of the St. Patrick's day activities, and had been telling me all week about their Leprechaun trap. The class helped build this trap in hopes that they could catch the Leprechaun. While they were at music class they took off their shoes and lined them up outside the door right next to their trap. When they came out, there was no Leprechaun in sight, but his hat must have fallen off while he was trying to escape & they also found that he had left gold coins and shamrock necklaces in their shoes. The kids were thrilled, Laura was too scared to come out when they were checking if he was in the box. Once they found he wasn't there she came right out to check her shoes, it's her screams that you can hear in this video.

Laura with her Leprechaun finder, they did a search all over the school to see if they could find him, but no luck. When they returned back to their room, they realized he must have been there as it was a mess. He had knocked over a chair, and toys were everywhere, and there were more gold coins thrown around the room.
Laura requested a big chocolate chip cookie cake for her school party, so I decided to bake it myself. I'm pretty familiar with the whole cookie baking thing. :-) Used a great Emerill recipe and decorated it with some yummy icing. I think Laura approved.
The class singing Happy Birthday.

This was a great start to several days of Birthday Celebrations.

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