Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Good Times in Atlanta

Last weekend was overflowing with good times. Saturday we got to visit with Joe's college friend, Bud & his wife Donna. We had a great time catching up and went to a fun pub in Decatur, GA where we had cold beer and great food!

Joe & Bud
Donna & Bud

The Brick Store Pub, a great place!
Sunday, after a great homemade breakfast Joe & I packed up and drove a few minutes North where we got ready for the Michael Buble' show. I have attended several of these shows, and they are just about 3 hours of pure joy. It's about the healthiest addiction I could think of, and as of yet, there are no V-H1 shows with Dr. Drew to warn you about any dangers. So, on we go!
Michael has stated in a couple interviews that he has tried to slow down on his drinking, so I'm thinking that's one reason he's got a new sponsor, Nordstrom. I don't think Ketel vodka would appreciate someone touting the benefits of sobriety. Anyway, Nordstrom had this little red carpet experience set up for you to take pictures. The surprise was in the intermission between the opening act, Naturally 7 & Michael, they flashed the pictures up on the giant screens for everyone to see.
We were 4th row, this is our perspective looking back to the end of the arena. LOVE being up front, and I'm so darn spoiled, even 4th row felt like we were too far back.
Curtains readying for Michael's entrance.

Joe & I up at the stage.
The good thing about being familiar with the band, is you get the chance to say hi a lot of the times. This time I ran into Jacob a couple of times, and by the second time I thought about getting this picture. He was so sweet, and we enjoyed sitting on the brass side of the stage.
Opening act this time around was Naturally 7 , and they just blow the audience away with their talents. They are an accapella group that performs every sound you hear. They each take on the sound of an instrument and build a "wall of sound", as they have coined their style.
And then it was time for Michael, and his opening song was his powerful version of "Cry Me A River"

I managed to catch some of the band as they were introduced. Some of them were up and down so fast I couldn't get my camera up quick enough. Here's Justin Ray.
Jacob Rodriguez
Rob Wilkerson
And as Michael introduced the next song, he said that he thought it wouldn't play anywhere else like it would in Atlanta, of course he was talking about "Georgia". Here's Jumaane's trumpet solo on that song.

Michael with his trombone player, Josh Brown.

Everytime we have seen him in concert, Michael always puts his own twist on fun songs. This time he said that growing up in the 80's two things that always stuck out to him were Michael Jackson, and Ferris Bueler's day off, in particular the parade scene where Ferris was up on the float. Here's his take on "Billy Jean".

And here's "Twist & Shout" from Ferris, he said he always wanted to be the King on a float like that.

One of the surprises for the audience came when Michael came off the stage and made his way to the sound stage. He climbed right up there, surrounded by Naturally 7, and joined by his guitarist. He sang "Home" and had the whole arena singing right along with him.

I had to stand up on my chair to see him back there, it was about the only time during the show that he was that far away though, so I couldn't really complain. I'm sure the people at the back of the floor never thought they would that close, so I think it's smart of him to get everyone involved in the show.

He thanked the audience and descended down the walkway, but it's kind of a dead giveaway that he will be back shortly for an encore when the entire band is still on stage. So after much cheering and a dark-out of the entire arena, the music for "Feeling Good" let us know he was on his way back out. After a powerful rendition of that song, he followed it with "Me & Mrs. Jones" complete with a showering of confetti.

And what has become the tradition, he closed his show with an accapella version of "Song for You". Always an impressive way to close after he's belted out almost two hours of songs.

The show was barely over, and the lights were on, curtains drawn open and the crew was already breaking down the set. I guess that's how they get from city to city so fast.

All smiles, as usual, after one of his shows.

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Laura Davis said...

Thank you so much for sharing this. For including all the detail. I can't afford to go to his show this year, so I really appreciated this.