Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Girls' first sleepover

The girls are on Spring Break and were lucky enough to have their first guests sleepover at the house, other than cousins. We were so happy to have Savannah & Riley join us.

Leah, Savannah & Laura
In these modern times, whenever kids get together, technology seems to come into play. All the girls eventually made their way to Laura's bed and played picto chat on their Nintendo DS games.
For a first experience, the night went pretty well. Laura, who is also the youngest, was the most wired at bedtime. She kept thinking of reasons to get up, and Riley also told me that she ran into her in the bathroom a couple of times in the night. Little sneaky thing, I never heard her even get up.

After a morning of serving a variety of sugar filled, kid loved breakfast choices, they dove right into more playtime. Riley is quite the artist, and Laura was happy to volunteer for face painting. I got the before picture, but after a full face of paint Laura said it felt weird, so they cleaned it off before I could snap a picture.
After Lunch I made snow cones, which I guess inspired the idea for Riley that she wanted to have a lemonade stand. Luckily we both agreed it could be pretend and just sell it to the girls.
Everyone approved and thought it was delicious.

We took a walk over to the barn as the day warmed up and visited the horses, then we just stayed out in the yard and played with bubbles & chalk.
Leah & Savannah
Enjoying the Springtime weather.

And of course Sparkle Lily couldn't be left out.

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