Friday, March 26, 2010

Eggscelent Designer

Easter is quickly approaching, and Leah's school had a twist on the traditional egg hunt for the first graders, an egg drop. Each student was directed to build a contraption that would help a raw egg drop from 30 feet without cracking. Now in my family we have an engineer, Joe, and a Mathematician/Physicist, My Dad...but for some reason this ended up being a girl project. My Mom & I helped Leah devise a very padded box, wrapped in packaging air pillows all supported by a garbage bag parachute attached with hay string. (Yet another use for hay string, it's such a versatile thing)

I picked up Laura from school and headed down the road to Leah's school. A Happy Meal made it even a better day for Laura, here playing with her Lego car from Mc.D's.
Mom & Clarissa awaiting the start of the Egg Drop.
Leah with her class.
Leah & Mandy were jumping for joy in anticipation of the drop.
Leah lifting Laura off the ground.

The buckets went up & up & UP!
Leah's teacher handing the worker the box of eggs.

The Gulf Power employees went out of their way to try and release the devices in the best possible manner. Here he is letting Leah's go.
Mom took a great video of Leah's egg floating back to the ground. We were very proud of our little invention.

An ecstatic little girl...the egg survived perfectly!
The whole class with the Gulf Power guys.

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