Saturday, January 9, 2010

New Jersey...Day Five

Thursday (New Year's Eve) started very early with a phone call from my Sister-In-Law Janet at about 7:00, she wanted to let all of the Florida kids know that it was snowing. We were all asleep but I went in to tell the girls, and they didn't budge, they were all comfy, snuggled up with each other, so I went back to bed for a little while. Maybe for about 20 minutes, then call number 2 came from Jon, my Brother-In-Law also trying to make sure we all knew about the fluffy white stuff outside. Janet had told us too that it was supposed to rain later and would wash it all away, so after the second call I went and woke the girls. When they looked out their bedroom window and saw everything covered in beautiful white snow they were so excited. I quickly pulled several layers on them and we all headed outside to play.

Joe took first aim at the kids in a backyard snowball fight, but the girls were quick learners and started firing back.

Making Snow Angels.

Catching Snow.

One of the things on their wish list if we got to play in snow was to build their own snowman. There was only an inch or two on the ground, but they were able to make a mini-man.

Grandmom's street covered in a blanket of snow. The one thing I notice when it snows is how quiet it is. Nobody was out of their houses, other than the Florida fools, so we had the whole street to ourselves.

I think Joe was pegging Leah while I was taking a picture, sneaky boy.

Our Mini-Man.

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