Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Princess & the Frog

I'm so glad I have kids to give me an excuse to go see the new Disney movie, The Princess & the Frog. We headed out to the Rave movie theater with Joe, and our friends Clarissa & Ramon last weekend. We have seen previews for this movie for over a year, so we were very excited to finally see it. It was a very chilly Florida Saturday as you can tell by their faces.

The girls in front of the movie ad before Ramon joined up with us.
Slightly excited and anxious to get in the theater.
Clarissa, Ramon, Leah & Laura ready for the movie to start.
The girls with their Prince after the movie. The movie was wonderful and it reminded me how Disney really knows how to do Fairy Tales right. After seeing numerous other mediocre kids' movies, this one really blew me away. The music took me straight to New Orleans and we have been listening to it ever since we left the movies.
The kids braved the cold weather to play until it started raining and the parents wimped out and said it was time to go.

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