Thursday, December 10, 2009

Leah's Christmas Show

Leah had her 1st grade concert on Thursday, and they were all real troopers and performed the show three times. Thanks to a family effort I was able to make all three shows, and I'm so grateful to get to share these special memories with Leah. Since she says she wants to be a rock star when she grows up, this was a perfect fit for her.
Singing Jingle Bells in their own unique style. Their teacher had put so much effort into this performance, making each song special through a different arrangement or adding choreography. I was amazed at how much the children could remember and they right on cue every time.
Leah with her dance partner, Garrett.

It was so much fun watching the kids dance together, they're at that stage where the opposite sex is "yucky" and touching in any fashion is an entirely embarrassing experience.
Two daytime performances, a short break at home and an outfit change and then we headed back up to the school for the big nighttime show where all the parents and grandparents were invited.
After another flawless show, their teacher had a special guest for the kids. And who else could it have been but Santa Claus himself.
Very proud of my little performer and looking forward to Laura's show next week.

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