Sunday, December 6, 2009

And up go the lights.

Saturday was one of the coldest days we've had this winter, and I know you're thinking "They live in Florida, how cold could it be?" Well we were in the 30's at night and only reached the 50's for the high, so for us that's fairly chilly. The girls spent the entire day in the pajamas, playing around the house, and eventually even came outside, wrapped in their fuzzy bathrobes to play while Joe strung the house with lights and I hung giant ornaments on the tree and cleaned up the yard. They really like me to hang them low enough that they can take turns batting them, like a cat with a ball of yarn. They've survived years of torture, so I let them have their fun.

Laura enjoyed opening the boxes that we received from Joe's parents this week. She is having the hardest time understanding why we have to wait until the big day to open the presents though.

Hunter even came out to help, of course he needed a helping hand getting back inside. Spoiled, yes you could say that.
Leah modeling the finest Florida winter wear.

Laura playing in the dirt, her soccer coach would be so proud.

Up on the rooftop...
To end the night, my Dad e-mailed me a few pictures of my Mom enjoying the University of Alabama's SEC victory. (Also modeling her Alabama snuggie I found for her)

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