Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Trunk or Treat

We had a week of Halloween festivities, including the Trunk-or-Treat at Laura's Preschool.

Most of the class before they did the costume parade.Oct2009Pics 1063

Mom & Dad are pros at this after being at the same school for four years.

Oct2009Pics 1065

Laura's teacher leading the class on their parade around the courtyard.

Oct2009Pics 1068 Oct2009Pics 1074Oct2009Pics 1075

The kids all sang us a fun song about a Jack-o-Lantern.

Oct2009Pics 1080

Oct2009Pics 1082

Oct2009Pics 1084

Ending with a big..."BOO!"

Oct2009Pics 1085

Oct2009Pics 1089

Each child gets a chance to go up on the little stage and announce who they are for Halloween.

Oct2009Pics 1095

Jen and I were fashion coordinated, without even trying.

Oct2009Pics 1104

Mom & Dad set up their car this year to hand out candy to all the kids. Laura is always thrilled to see them.

Oct2009Pics 1121 Oct2009Pics 1122

Oct2009Pics 1120

Oct2009Pics 1126

Oct2009Pics 1127

A wonderful time was had by all! Oct2009Pics 1130

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