Sunday, November 22, 2009

Laura's Thanksgiving Show

Last Wednesday Laura had her big Thanksgiving Show at school. Laura had been singing her songs for weeks leading up to her big day. Joe & my Dad were out of town unfortunately, but my Mom, Leah & I were happy to be there to cheer her on. I can't believe this is our last year at pre-school, and I treasure each one of these moments.

Each class made a turkey, and on each feather the children wrote what they were thankful for. Laura's says, "I'm thankful for my home."
Our little pilgrim headed towards the stage.

Singing her heart out!

At the end of the performance the director asks for one parent to come retrieve their child from the stage, and since Leah is a big 1st grader this year, I gave her the honor.
Doesn't Laura looked thrilled to have her big sis there? She really was, I guess I just caught her at a bad moment.
That's better.
Thanks cousin Vicki for Laura's cute jumper, so talented!

Me & my girls.
Later that day, we headed out to the airport to get Joe.
The girls enjoyed seeing an F-15 up close. The Air Force has recently put this one on display at the airport.

We had a few minutes to kill, a Spongebob magazine fit the bill.

I think I see him...
Helping with the luggage.

A very peaceful, happy ending to a slightly crazy day.

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