Friday, November 27, 2009

Another year...

As Thanksgiving draws near each year, that usually means another thing to me, my birthday. I've felt so lucky to have my birthday so close to that holiday, it has always meant that I get to celebrate it with my family and friends at such a happy time of the year. This year was no different, I was showered with sweet homemade gifts from my girls, that my Mom had been helping them with for over a week. I know at least that long, because that's how long Laura was trying to tell me about them.
Opening Leah's gift, a decorated wooden jewelry box.
Laura also gave me a heart shaped box that she had decorated, as well as this plastic egg, which had been bedazzled to resemble a toddler style fabrege' creation.
My parents gave me a new lens for my camera, now I can ZOOM!
After presents, we headed out to one of my favorite places, Mellow Mushroom.

I have the sweetest husband who ordered me a cake from our favorite bakery, sent me a dozen gorgeous red roses and gave me the prettiest Lladro statue of a girl and little dog, that resembled our girls and dog, Hunter.

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