Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Weekend Roundup

This first picture is very random, but it's a prime example of what happens in our house. I bought two of these hampers to try and corral the girls' stuffed animals in their rooms. It lasted for a couple hours, then Laura dumped it out and walked into the living room wearing it on her head. Of course after she was done, she just plopped it down and Sparkle Lily also found a new use for it. This is why I find it very challenging to organize this crazy house of mine!
Friday a few of us met up at Tijuana Flats for some good food and company. After a hectic week back at school and running to and from various activities it was nice to end on such a nice note. After we ate we took the kids out on the deck so they could have some fun catching up too.
Ramon, Leah & Gabby

I think Laura had plucked a little flower and I guess she and Gabby found something very amusing about that. I think I missed the back story to this picture.
Laura always seems to find Clarissa to hang out with.

Leah was pretending to be Laura's pet Pegasus. Of course, isn't that what all kids are doing these days?
Sunday we took the kids to a local park to let them run around. All was good until Laura got her foot ran over by a little boy on his scooter. He was actually being very good, waiting for Laura to move off of the sidewalk, but they both zigged when one should have zagged and the collision happened. She did have quite the road rash over her toes, but I just used my handy dandy first aid kit, and tucked her toes back into her socks and she forgot about it in no time.
It's one of the few parks that was designed thinking about how hot our Florida sun can be, they left some beautiful oaks that shade most of the playground.

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Jen said...

It doesn't take much to entertain our kids, does it? Enjoyed dinner with you guys!