Monday, September 21, 2009

Open house, brownies & soccer

We had our first Open House of the year at Leah's school last week. It was quite the busy night, Leah squeezed in her piano lesson before the open house, I was behind the desk with Jen selling yearbooks, meeting with the teacher and making sure Laura made her soccer practice.
They also had the book fair, and Leah was sweet enough to read this story to her sister.Hunter giving me his best smile.
Leah helped me make some brownies yesterday, and we all helped eat them. I think Laura enjoyed them the most.
One of my cabinets in the t.v. room is filled with games and miscellaneous puzzles and toys. Recently Laura has been asking me to pull down different things to try. Here she is playing with a neat little set her Aunt Rachel had sent a few years ago. It's a cork board with a hammer and little nails, and you nail the different shapes to make a scene. When Leah first recieved this for a birthday one year, I was concerned about the combination of children and nails, but they love it!
We had soccer practice tonight, and we finally had a perfect day for it. We got a much needed break from all of our recent rain. Laura was fascinated with digging up "magic stones" out of the grass. I kept hearing the coach say, "Laura drop the dirt, or you're going to run."
Our georgous Florida afternoon.
I have just a little bit of time at home to change Laura from dance to soccer, so she came with a little extra ribbon in her hair than most soccer players might have.

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