Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Disney ~ Epcot ~ Leah's 7th Birthday

Okay, now that I've invested in some more picture storage, I can get on with the blogging! I guess I'm kind of a shutterbug, but it's not a bad addiction to have.

Our first morning at Disney, waking up my newly turned 7 year old girl, Leah. Can't believe she is already a SEVEN year old, that's just crazy. Anyway, she was showered with gifts from us and my parents. She got her New Jersey gifts before we left. She was a very happy girl.
She went right to reading some of the books we got her, she loves the "Bella Sara" collection.
Laura even got in on the present action, even though it wasn't her birthday. She was really a good sport all day letting Leah have her day.
Getting the pink poodle Webkinz.
Posing with Silver Soft Cat, another Webkinz. They are obsessed with any kind of toy that they can play online, especially Ty girlz, Webkinz & Beanie Babies.
We arrived at the Swan & Dolphin at nighttime, so when we awoke we got our first good view from our balcony, more than pleased!
Barely awake.
The boats that shuttled us to Epcot and the Hollywood Movie Studios.
All dressed and ready to go!
So important to stretch before you march around the parks.
Waiting for our boat at the launch.

The gigantic fountain that cascades down into the giant clam shell.

Making this curb a balance beam while we wait for the tickets and birthday button.
Have stroller, will travel. We managed around 4 days of parks with no stroller in February, but have since realized that only works in 30 degree weather. So as long as they fit, strollers make life much better, and I just realized how much of a discount you get by paying for multiple days at once, and it saves time when you pick up your stroller too.

Practicing her dance moves.

First ride was Spaceship Earth, which is a nice calm, fun ride for everyone. Michelangelo painting the Sistine Chapel.
Laura peaking around her car at us. What is that whole spiel about keeping your body inside the ride at all times?
Getting a better view from her Granddaddy.
Waiting with Grandmother for her turn on one of the games.
Dad helping the girls with this futuristic shuffle game.

Leah's big thrill this time was going on Test Track. She was determined to do it on her 7th birthday. I brought earplugs for she and Laura, which Laura decided against the ride, Leah thought they would be a good idea. In hindsight I really don't think they were necessary, but seemed to help her confidence a little. Can't you just see how excited she is?
I'm going on that?
Dad rode with Leah, and managed to get some good action shots that range from fear to exhilaration.

At this point she was screaming with glee as the car sped around the track, faster and faster.
Next up was Soarin, a family favorite.
With the Birthday Fast Pass, we could go right on, can't beat that!

Laura's request was to ride Nemo, so we headed over to the Sea next. Walked right on Nemo and then enjoyed Turtle Talk with Crush.

Laura was brave enough to ask a question this time at Turtle Talk. I thought it was so cute, she just thought he was going to ask her where she went to school, so when he said what' your question, she said "Preschool". She actually came up with a pretty good question for a 4 year old. Turn up the speakers to hear her.

Just a pretty shot as we were leaving Epcot for the afternoon. We took a break back at the hotel before Leah's Birthday dinner at Mexico.
This is what was waiting for Leah in the room. I had asked the front desk about anything special they could do, this was a great surprise for her.

This little chocolate cake was gone in no time...we all helped.

All cleaned up and headed back to Epcot.
Getting a family photo before dinner.
There was a strange shading in the sky, almost like a jet's trail, but blue. Not sure what it was, but very pretty nonetheless.
Mom & Dad

My girls were being so kind to each other, I was a proud Momma.

Ready to eat in Mexico, Leah's pick for the night.

I had ordered a cake for Leah ahead of time, the wait staff delivered complete with a Mexican Birthday serenade.

Next...Hollywood Studios

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Jen said...

Happy Birthday, Leah!!! The Crush video is adorable. Way to go, Laura.... what a cute little dudette :)