Sunday, August 23, 2009

School Orientation

Friday was the girls' orientation at their schools. First up was Leah, and she was very excited to meet her first grade teacher. The whole family got a wonderful feeling from the teacher and Leah is looking forward to her first day of school tomorrow.

Leah at home with Sparkle Lily
Laura smiling for her Daddy
Joe snapped this great picture of both girls smiling at the same time...very difficult to achieve.
Jen talking with Kitty, and my Mom manning the Yearbook table. Everything we do is a full family effort!
The girls at Leah's school.
Making herself home at her desk.

Joe and I took Laura down the street to visit Laura's Pre-K teacher. She picked this teacher out after she spoke to her one time on the playground last year, so she was thrilled to find out that she would be in her classroom.
Playing puzzles in her classroom.
Laura & Bella at the dollhouse.
Quite a successful day, and all of us are looking forward to a great year!

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