Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Country Time

Now I wouldn't classify our hometown as a "big city", but we can see the difference when we make the 40 minute drive up to my friends place in the country. I've known Christin for 30 years, can't believe that, and now we both have kids of our own. It's fun to watch them play together and hopefully we can do it more often so they will have memories together.

Laura taking a run towards the slip and slide.

Molli was the baby at one time, now she's the oldest of the group. Here she is taking the time to show Laura their hermit crabs.
Leah loved bouncing on their trampoline, and she even talked me into jumping with her.

The birthday boy, Reagan.

The beautiful sunset that we saw as we loaded up for the drive home.

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Disney World Update said...

Hi Amanda!

You stopped by my Disney blog yesterday and posted a comment.

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And I really like your blog here. You take good pictures.