Friday, July 24, 2009

Wednesday Morning, Navy museum visit

We joined up with our friends Clarissa and Ramon to head on a short trip to the Navy Museum. Not sure he knew exactly what he was getting into, being sandwiched between my two goofballs.
The kids sitting on an actual anchor from one of the giant Navy Carriers.

Leah reading about the propeller.
Maybe Laura's not quite big enough to fly this plane.
That's better.

The Blue Angels hanging proudly in the hangar.
One of the first planes to land on the water.
They had a replica of what the city would have been like in the 1940's, and the kids had a good time posing in front of the general store.
They had some very intricate models, here they are looking at one of the carrier models.
Each kid took a turn trying on the Astronaut suit.
Laura was checking out every aspect of the suit.

We were invited to join a tour offered specifically for children. It was very educational, teaching several laws of physics at the elementary level. Laura had the chance to help demonstrate.
Ramon & Leah in the jet.
Laura hugged this plane on her own and then said, "Planes need lots of love."

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