Friday, July 3, 2009

Our Tuesday with friends and family

We got a wonderful lunch invitation from my good friend, Ashley & her son W.L. The girls and I took a morning swim in our pool then made our way up to Ruby Tuesday. I think that little boy must be one of the best behaved babies I have seen. I remember from my girls at that age, that allot depends on luck, timing of the day, etc...but he was very impressive and cute too!
After lunch we made our way up to the local cat shelter. Leah's first preschool teacher rescued a cat that had been thrown out of a moving car...can you imagine the kind of person that would hurt a kitten like that? Anyway, the cat needed lots of medical attention, and donations were needed. Laura suggested that she take money from her piggy bank and Leah also thought that sounded like a good idea. So we all went up there and made a donation and then the girls were allowed to pet their rooms of cats & kittens.

By dinnertime my sister Rachel & her daughter Ava had arrived at my parents. The girls had been asking me daily if Ava was coming yet, so they couldn't wait to see them.

All three girls were in the pool immediately.
Dad with two of his girls:Leah & Ava
Rachel & Laura

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