Friday, July 17, 2009

A day at the Bay.

My Mom joined the us for a day at the Bay. The water there is very calm, other than the occasional boat speeding by on it's way out to the gulf, and very shallow, so the girls can play without worry. They enjoyed peering through their goggles, searching for treasures in the sand.
Isn't this just the prettiest picture of my Mom?
The raft doubled as a place for the girls to store the shells they found.
One of the numerous boats that we saw going by. Our first sight was a very large barge, with at least two full cars of coal. It was exciting to see it floating by relatively close.

We also spotted a nest, with some very large babies calling for it's mom to bring it food.
It was a very pleasant day, and Leah really enjoyed it because there were no jellyfish or seaweed. She was not completely thrilled with the fish that nibbled at her toes.

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Jen said...

My kids would love this. We'll have to plan a playdate there. I do love that picture of your mom!