Sunday, June 21, 2009

Raleigh Visit-Day Four

We spent the morning of our last day in Raleigh trying to put our suitcases back together, bag up a week's worth of dirty clothes, fill the car in just the right manner where all the necessities can easily be reached with that one arm turn around. We thought it might be the perfect time to give the girls the Leapsters we had purchased at Walmart, to give them a chance to ask us any questions before we were stuck in the car for our 14 hour car ride home. They were busy playing under the make-shift tent I had made them in the room, so Joe was able to sneak up and surprise them. They had been playing with Ava's all week, so they were beyond thrilled to get their very own.

We took the girls over to the Mall across the street and had a delicious lunch at Brio Tuscan Grille. I thought they were so smart, they gave the kids a ball of dough and told them to shape it however they wanted and they would cook it and return it to the table. That was just an exciting idea to them, and they couldn't wait to see their creations after they came out of the oven. Rachel brought Ava over to the hotel and we had a nice swim and then came back to the room to rest before our big afternoon with the Daisies in the woods. It was Ava's end of the year event, and we were lucky enough to get to join in on the fun.
Rachel and the other leaders had several activities planned for the kids. Laura got to try double dutch jump rope for the first time.

It was June 14th, Flag Day, so they made bookmarks using patriotic stickers and ribbons.

The girls were split into two teams and they went off on a nature scavenger hunt. They had fun exploring the woods, looking for spider webs, decaying wood, etc... Here they are going over their lists with Rachel.
I caught Leah & Ava playing rock, paper, scissors.

Another craft they did was make little people out of beads on safety pins. Kind of hard to explain but the girls enjoyed doing it.
The event was a Singing Supper, where each person brought a Hobo style dinner. You may not be familiar with the term, but if you do a search you'll see allot of other people are. It's a dinner wrapped in aluminum foil that is grilled over the fire. Rachel made ours, chicken with a pesto sauce and a variety of vegetables, and it was delicious!
Rachel watching the fire with some helpers.
You didn't have to tell the girls twice to look for sticks to cook marshmallows. They were right on that task!
Leah had hers!
Rachel leading a game with the group.
I say the chicken was great, not sure what this picture says about the girls' opinion...picky kids!
Joe pitched in and helped stoke the fire so we could all make our s'mores...the whole reason to be near a campfire right?
Most of the group enjoying the evening.
The leaders had prepared songbooks and led them in songs as they waited for the fire to be ready.
Leah enjoying her s'more...YUM!

Ava & Laura running down the path. I just couldn't get over the beauty of the woods, I don't think we have parks that can compare to the ones in North Carolina.
Leah walking with another new friend.
Happy Cousins.
Leah, Ava & Laura

Rachel having a word with Laura, she truly appreciates Laura's unique and quirky personality. I think she will always have her Aunt on her side.
We had a wonderful visit with everyone, thank you for the good times!

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