Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Weekend

Over the last couple of years I have been lucky enough to have begun a relationship with my two sisters. I guess it's not uncommon in our modern world of marriage/divorce, but I think getting the blessing of knowing two new family members at my age makes me pretty fortunate. We had a great weekend getting to know each other and enjoying watching our children play. The first thing Brooke wanted to do was head to the barn. She has been taking lessons at home and she was excited to take a turn on our horses.

Here are the girls taking turns brushing Rider.
Laura, Brooke, Leah
Rosemary was enjoying the trip to the barn too, although for her playing in the dirt was just as exciting as the horses were.

Leah and I walking with Brooke on Rider.

Leah's turn.
Laura is usually my horse girl, but she thought it was too hot and headed back in the house with Rosemary and her parents, Mollie & Robert.

It just so happened that Mollie's birthday was just a day before their arrival, so it was a great chance to celebrate with her.
Joe and Rosemary playing the piano.
Laura & Brooke playing with her toys.

We took a late afternoon trip to the beach with the whole gang. The rains had lifted that day and left us with a beautiful day. Me with Leah, Brooke and Laura heading to the beach.
Briana, Me, Mollie and a very wet Laura.

The whole gang getting settled in. For a spur of the moment trip, I sure can drag a ton of stuff with us.

Robert with Rosemary.

Mollie walking with Rosemary
It was a red flag day, but sometimes I think they just raise the red flag to keep so many tourists out of the water. It seemed fairly calm, and was shallow enough that the girls could play in the waves.
Laura, Brooke & Leah after we cleaned up a bit and headed over to Angler's for dinner.
We had a wonderful day, and ended with a great dinner at Angler's. The girls got to play on the playground again, and I think everyone had a great time. Briana and Brooke stayed the night and the next morning we headed out to see Night at the Museum:Battle for the Smithsonian.
This was our first true visit, but I'm sure it will not be our last!

Thanks to Briana & Mollie for taking such great pictures. Our camera was lost sometime after dinner, where and how is still a mystery. I'm so glad that there were some other pictures from our weekend. Hopefully I'll be back up and blogging with new pictures shortly.


Pam said...

Wow,it's a little strange to thin that you have family I know nothing about. I think it's great that you are connecting.

Jen said...

Seems like you had a nice visit and the girls definitely looked like they enjoyed their cousins. A sweet story. Thanks for sharing :)