Saturday, April 18, 2009

Slumber Party

Monday was our only day of rain during our whole visit, but we managed to stay entertained anyway. The ladies went out to a local shopping center, braving tornado warnings and lightning to get some shopping done. I only wished I had my camera for that adventure. While we were standing in the front of Williams Sonoma, the clerk must have felt sorry for us, because she offered us some giant plastic bags to use as make-shift ponchos. So off we went, three ladies racing down the sidewalk of this outdoor mall, with giant, white plastic bags hovering over our heads like giant weather balloons. We darted from awning to awning, doubling over with laughter at the site of us. I'm sure we gave all of the other shoppers some entertainment.

The little girls went with all of the guys to McDonald's for lunch and playtime and then to an airplane museum. That night they all had the hearts' set on a sleepover in our little house. So here they are, all lined up on the pull out couch. I expected one or both of mine to come back to our house sometime during the night, but there was only one minor incident with Laura, and Uncle Jon was able to get her back to sleep. They had the best time with their big girl sleepover.

Kaitlin, Leah, Kyleigh & Laura

Uncle Jon & Pop-Pop hanging out with the kids.


pam mathis said...

the picture of the girls reminds me of THanksgiving and Christmas visits at our old house in Huntsville. I have vivid memories of all four girls on the green pull out sofa.

Amanda said...

I know Pam, that was my favorite part of staying at that house. We had our own little world down there.