Sunday, January 18, 2009

Weekly Roundup

We joined Ramon's family at McDonald's to celebrate his birthday in true kid style. The girls had fun running around the playground and singing Happy Birthday to Ramon.
On our facebook accounts, Clarissa did a survey about what kind of animal she thought you were. She chose the sloth for me, and I've had fun trying to make her explain that ever since. She swears that it was a compliment and that she thought of me because I'm Southern and that she loves sloths. We got the silly giggles during that discussion.
Laura and I enjoy our Thursday story time, and she looks forward to playing at their wonderful park too.
This spinner is her absolute favorite thing at the park. On our last trip to Disney World she was too afraid to ride the Tea Cups, so I told her that this pole is very similar to the spinning cups. Personally, I don't mind if she doesn't want to do them on our next trip, the older I get the less I like rides like that.

The girls got fun dip candy in their stocking, and Laura asked for one last week. I left her alone with it while I was running around the house, and this is what I saw when she was done. Apparently the colored sugar is pretty powerful, she had a green tinge on her fingers for the most of the day.
We had free Friday due to a Teacher Work Day last week, and we met up with Clarissa and Ramon at the mall. Ramon brings out the silly in my girls.
No mall trip would be complete without a ride on the carousel.
Saturday we invited Kim and her family over for a cook-out. In preparation I asked the girls to help me collect sticks for the fire pit so we could make delicious smores for dessert. They had so much fun searching the yard for sticks, which is pretty easy considering we have an overabundance of trees.

Joe at his familiar post.
The girls at their special table.
Laura enjoying her smore with Riley, who must have been mesmerized by the fire. Just two girls hanging out on the hammock.
And the fun finale of cooking marshmallows. It was just the perfect night, crisp air, clear skies and a warm fire. The girls flowed in and out of the house playing with my little ponies and searching the nighttime yard with flashlights for the dog and the cat.

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