Saturday, January 24, 2009

This and That

My parents were so sweet and kept the girls overnight last weekend, which allowed Joe and I to go see a movie with absolutely no cartoon characters in it. Quite the treat! We saw Valkyrie, and I was just so moved by the entire story. Tom Cruise has been given quite the hit on this film, and in my opinion he was excellent. He portrayed Claus Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg with all of the passion I imagine someone brave enough to challenge Hitler must have possessed. This is an angle I was never taught in any of my History classes in High School or College, and I was in awe of the courage those Germans that resisted the Nazi regime must have had. The girls had a great night too, they got to go to their favorite restaurant in the world, Golden Corral. Isn't your mouth watering just at the mention of those words? All the fried food you could ever want and mystery meat to boot! I will say they have delicious vegetables cooked in the finest tradition of the South, find the healthiest foods you can and cook them in fat. The real draw is the desert bar, who can resist that? The next morning my parents brought the girls by to pick up some more toys, and they were headed out to IHOP for breakfast. The girls looked so cute with their little hats.
My Mom & Laura were taking turns closing their eyes, so I put up both of the pictures.
Laura and I made our regular story time. Here she is chasing a squirrel around the library's front landscaping.
Playing on the playground following the stories, check out the static.

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