Thursday, January 15, 2009

An Atlanta Rendevous

My sister, Rachel was preparing to head back down to the islands, Nevis, so we all decided we would love to visit before she and Ava left. Atlanta is a good middle location, so that's where we all descended last weekend. It was a very quick trip, but we enjoyed the visit.

Laura looking out our window at the hotel. Heading out to the Georgia Aquarium.

We had a large group to tour the Aquarium which included myself, Joe and the girls, my parents, Rachel with her son Alden and his girlfriend Hannah, daughter Ava, and Rachel's best friend Debbie, with her husband Steve, and two of their children, Ben & Liza. (Yes, I realize that is the world's longest run-on sentence.) Somehow we worked our way through all of the exhibits and didn't lose a soul! I would call that a successful trip.
Cousins reunited. Ava, Leah & Laura

The jellyfish were mesmerizing to the girls.

Debbie with the four girls. Walking into the Caribbean Coral exhibit.
We timed this visit just right, the diver was in the tank cleaning.
He was so nice and waving at the girls. Here's Laura saying hi to him.
Leah, Ava & Liza with my Mom looking at a computerized description of the fish in the Caribbean exhibit.
Mom, Laura, Ben & Steve
Leah & Ava
Rachel & Leah in front of the beautiful coral and tropical fish.
Some of us gazing up at the tropical display. Myself, Alden, Hannah, Debbie & Steve with Mom & Laura in the background.
The girls gazing into the Whale Shark Tank. The Whale Shark.
Hannah & Alden
Laura explaining something to her Grandmother.
Liza Dad with Ava & Leah in tow.
The Beluga Whale.
Me & my girls.

It's not the best picture, but it's like trying to herd cats!
The Aquarium has a fun play area for the kids with a couple of slides.
Laura was too small for one of the slides, which inspired me to break out the measuring tape when we got home to check her height for our upcoming Disney trip.
Getting ready for the 3-D movie.
I think one of the favorite things the girls did was ride the Hotel's escalator.
We made a huge step on this trip, the girls shared a bed for the first time. When we were getting ready for bed Leah told Laura, "You don't have to be scared, I'm going to be sleeping with you." And they did great, slept all night.
Alden entertaining the girls in the room with a pillow and a pool toy.
Giving good-bye hugs to Aunt Rachel, and as is Laura's tradition, a kiss on each cheek.
On the way home from Atlanta we made a stop at Priester's Pecans. It's a store that specializes in all pecan products, but have also branched out into a wonderful gift store that is a perfect resting place on the way home. A bonus is you can taste some of their samples. For some reason, even though it was in the 40's outside, my Mom and the girls all thought ice cream sounded good.

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