Thursday, December 18, 2008

Polar Express Via Birmingham

We had all heard of a train museum in Calera, Alabama that hosted a Polar Express Train Ride during the Christmas season, but on our first attempts the tickets had already sold out. For some reason, I thought I would give Craig's List a try, so I posted my tickets wanted ad, and a couple weeks later I received an email for 4 tickets on the exact day we wanted...perfect!!!!! Joe and I had to attend his Office Christmas Party, so the girls were thrilled to get to go on this trip with their Grandparents. They drove up Saturday morning and visited with our cousin Mary, her husband Cory and their children, Abby and Ryan.
Mary pushing Laura on the swing set. Mom with Ryan & Abby
Laura doing her best job of entertaining Ryan.
The girls on some of the trains at the Calera Museum. Unfortunately, I'm not going to be the best narrator for this entry, but I'll do my best as I was told by my parents and the girls. Feel free to pitch in any comments Mom & Dad, if you see that I've left something out.

Standing in front of the car they rode on, The Long Island Car.
The one thought you take away from the Polar Express believe!

The girls listened to the Polar Express story read over the speakers, and as the train rode on they were told that they were headed to the North Pole. They had to sing Christmas Carols if they wanted to see Santa & Mrs. Claus. Mom & Dad said the girls were singing right along, and excited to see what would be coming next.
Some of the lights signaling your arrival to the North Pole.

A shot of the car as the elf comes through with the magic dust.

Can you tell who Leah spots?
That's right...Santa & Mrs. Claus!
Each child gets a bell straight from the reindeers' harnesses off of the sleigh.
Everyone got chocolate milk and cookies, even Leah's little stuffed friend.

The girls looking very sparkly with their magic dust.

And to all a good night.

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