Monday, December 15, 2008

New Gowns

Joe had a rare trip out of town last week, and that meant we all had to make the trip to take Leah to school. I was very proud of all of us for having our act together and managing to feed the kids, the horses, the dog, that barn cats, pack lunch & snacks and remember to dress Leah in her jammies for her Polar Express day at school. A very successful morning!
Since we were in kind of a rush, this was the only picture of the pj's day I was able to get. Leah had a great time watching the movie in her class, pretending they were on the Polar Express train. They got to drink hot chocolate and eat cookies, and each child came home with their very own bell.
We had some extra time after baths one night, and Laura asked if she could dress up. This girl does not do anything half way, check out her full on Ariel get-up.

A big thank you to Aunt Rosanna for the beautiful gowns she sent to the girls. Laura was a willing model and loved the gown, and the girls even got several pairs of handmade underwear to go with it. The lady that makes these gowns is the same one that made my sister and I gowns when we were little girls.

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